Nature2 Spa Stick Natural Spa Purifier

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Nature2 Spa Stick

The Nature2 Spa Stick is a mineral based spa water purifying system that uses silver, zinc and copper to kill bacteria and algae. This revolutionary process of patented mineral-bed technology naturally destroys pathogens in your spa.

The Nature2 Spa Stick automatically disperses silver and zinc ions into your spa, maintaining your water quality while reducing chlorine requirements.

Silver is an effective bactericide

Copper and zinc are used to combat algae


  • Not affected by heat or swimmer load.
  • Reduces stinging eyes and skin irritation.
  • No moving parts or electricity required.
  • Use with an approved oxidiser for a safe, clear spa.


  • Chemical free spa water treatment.
  • No harmful chemicals ~ Easy to use Safe and gentle on skin, hair, eyes and nose
  • Just set and forget... keeps your water clear for four months!
  • Lower chemical use, Softer water, Cleaner water, More pure water, No stinging eyes, No harsh chemical odours, No damaged or bleached costumes, Stable water

Download the Nature2 Spa Stick MSDS sheet.

Details: Manufacturer: Nature2 Model: Nature2 Spa Stick Spa Volume: 2000L Sold individually.

How does N2 work?

The silver, copper (express & professional) and zinc (spa sticks) metals are attached to a ceramic substrate; due to its large surface area we are able to maximise surface exposure to the water.

As water flows through the Nature2, silver and copper particles are dissolved into the pool water.

Silver has a natural (Saturation point). This means that the silver can only reach a certain level in the pool water. The cartridge will then stop releasing silver into the pool. Dissolved silver concentrations can only rise to 0.01 to 0.06ppm which has no risk of staining.

Dissolved oxygen in the water attaches to bacteria. The dissolved oxygen laden with silver damages or destroys the bacteria.

Copper is not stored in reserve in the Nature2 cartridge but is all released on start up.

Copper levels cannot exceed the staining threshold of 0.2ppm, due to the fact that the cartridge only contains enough copper to raise the pool water to 0.02 to 0.06ppm.

Cartridge Contents:

Silver and Zinc

Zinc is substituted for copper, which is less reactive with heating systems in spas.

Spa Volume: 2000L

Running Time: 4 hours per day

Purifier life: 4 months

Installation: Spa cartridge filter (Suction or pressure side filter)

Compatible Sanitisers:

Potassium peroxymonosulfate

Sodium dichloroisocyanurate or

Lithium hypochlorite


Not to be used with Bromine or Biguanide products


Start up:

Drain and refill your spa with fresh water

Test and balance the spa

Insert the Nature2 spa stick inside the cartridge filter

Add 3 tablespoons (63 grams) of Potassium peroxymonosulfate or 1 teaspoon (7 grams) of Dichlor



15 min before each use add 1 tablespoon (21 grams) of Potassium peroxymonosulfate OR one third of a teaspoon (2.33 grams) of Dichlor

Once a week shock the spa with 3 tablespoons (63 grams) of Potassium peroxymonosulfate OR 1 teaspoon of Dichlor (7 grams). All of these amounts are for per 1000lts rate

The use of an efficient ozone generator with Nature2 will reduce the need for oxidisers (Dichlor and Potassium peroxymonosulfate)

Use 2 tablespoons of Potassium peroxymonosulfate as a shock once a week. If the spa has heavy use add 1 tablespoon every 3 days

Test and balance the spa weekly (Because of the small quantity of water, small changes can dramatically change the balance)

Remove the spa cover when shocking to allow the water to breathe and oxidise (20 to 30 mins)


Nature2 Stick Q & A:


Is Nature2 an ioniser? NO

Nature2 absorbs organic and metallic impurities

Nature2 is not electrically fired


Will Nature2 stain my pool? NO

There is a non-stain warranty with Nature2

The silver works on a saturation point and there is not enough copper present in the cartridge to stain


Do I need to use Chlorine with Nature2? YES

Nature2 requires an oxidiser to activate the silver and copper. A small amount of oxidiser is also required to burn off the dead bacteria and algae. A chlorine level of 0.6 – 1ppm is adequate to fill this function


Will I need to add other chemicals to my pool or spa if I use Nature2? YES

The spa or pool is treated as normal, balancing and stabilising chemicals are to be used to maintain the water.


Can I use Bromine, Bromide or Baquacil in my pool or spa with Nature2? NO

With bromine or bromide based chemicals, Nature2’s silver ions will be inactivated. This may result in cloudy water. Biguanide products can also leave a tacky residual around the scum line of a pool or filter cartridge.


How can I test if the Nature2 is working?

There is no real chemical test unless you have a photometer to test for minute amounts of copper. The best test is visual, the water quality will improve and the water will become softer.


Is the Nature a filter? No

A filter is required to remove particles and debris in and on the water column. Nature2 disinfects pool water by killing bacteria, algae and viruses. Total dissolved solids are captured on the ceramic substrate.


When do I replace the cartridge?

Depending on which Nature2 model you have cartridges for the CF and Sap stick will need replacing after 4months. The remaining models last for 6 months (Professional, Premium, Above Ground and Express)


Where is Nature2 located on the pool system?

After the filter and before any electrode assembly of a salt chlorinator

Before an injection point of a standard automatic feeder unit.

A feeder point which is situated prior to the pump because it works on suction will not affect the Nature2’s performance due to the small amount of chlorine injected at this point.


Any advice or suggestions above, including but not limited to instructions and dosing rates are intended to be a guide only.
Spa Store and its staff recommend you read the full instructions on all chemical containers.
We will not accept responsibility for the use of these products.


Spa chemicals cannot be shipped to a Post Box. Please provide a physical address during checkout.



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  • 5
    Nature2 Spa Stick

    Posted by Peter on 26th Oct 2021

    Crystal clear water, easy care.

  • 5
    excellent for your spa cleanliness

    Posted by Unknown on 15th Jul 2014

    Great product that keeps the spa running cleanly without having to add anything other than chlorine

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