340 x 120mm All single cartridge O2 Spas - Purezone 800 series filter cartridge

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Product Overview

Product Description

Purezone 800 micron filter for use in single cartridge O2 Spas between late 2009 and mid 2010

Whilst conventional filters trap particules as small as 50 microns (50/1000th of a millimetre) the purezone micro filtration is 10 times more effective, trapping particles as small as 5 microns (5/1000th of a millimetre).

Can be replaced with the 800 pleated filter cartridge.

This filter fits these Pre August 2010 O2 Spas and swim spas:

Azure, Aquagym, Aqualap, Cerium, Cobalt, Hydrozone, Iridium, Mercury, Nitro, Palladium, Spectrum and Xenon.

Your O2 filter holder will look like this:



Manufacturer:For O2 spas, Vortex spas, and Arcadia spas

Model: 124714


Outside Diameter: 127mm


Thread Diameter: 44mm

Top: Closed with handle

Bottom: Open

Sold individually:

Spa Filter FAQ

Selection Tips

  • Check the diameter and thread
  • Check your spa type
  • Check your model number


(No reviews yet) Write a Review

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