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Spa Filter FAQ

The one stop shop for Spa pool filters and spa filter information

BBQ factory Spa Filters:

In September of 2011 The BBQ factory went into receivership. But don´t worry, although we are unable to help with any direct dealings you may have had with The BBQ Factory we do stock a large number of spa parts for spas sold by The BBQ Factory including a complete selection of spa pool filters, spa headrest, spa pool covers and many other parts. This includes parts for O2 spas, Monarch spas, Leisurite spas and Signature spas.

O2 Spa filters
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Xenon Spa Filters, Cerium Spa Filters, Mercury Spa Filters, Palladium Spa Filters, Spectrum Spa Filters, Nitro Spa Filters, Iridium Spa Filters, Colbalt Spa Filters, Neon Spa Filters.
Monarch Spas filters
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Grand Duke Spa, Marquis Spa, Royale Spa, Crown Spa, Sultan Spa, Contessa Spa, Jubilee Hot Tub, Sire Hot Tub, Earl Hot Tub, These all use either a single or pair of Monarch Skim filter cartridges (MS50).
Leisurite Spa Filters
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Capri Spa Filters, Omega deluxe spa filters, Aztec Capri filters, Gem Deluxe filters, Gem Entertainer filters, Opal Deluxe filters, Sangria Deluxe filters, Sahara Deluxe filters, Elite Octagon filters, Sahara Premier filters, Cosmopolitan filters, Supreme Deluxe filters, Venetian Deluxe filters, Supreme Premier filters, Oasis filters.
Leisurerite C50: LR50, Spa-Quip Series 1000 C50: SQ501, Leisurerite 2000: LR2000 Spa-Quip Series 1000 C40: SQ401, Spa-Quip SQ50: SQ50, Spa-Quip SQ100: SQ100, Leisurerite C100: LR100
Bullfrog Spa filters
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Bullfrog 251, Bullfrog 331, Bullfrog 362, Bullfrog 451, Bullfrog 552, Bullfrog 562, Bullfrog 662, Bullfrog 662, Bullfrog 682, Bullfrog 454 Swim Spa.
All spas use either (or a combination of) Signature 50 skim: SG50, Signature 25 skim: SG25, Bullfrog XMF50BF: SG50B, Bullfrog XMF25BF: SG25B.
Designer Spa filters
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Entertainer, X-Stream, Cascade, Colorado, Milan, Tasman, Azure, Lagoon, Atlantic, Titan, Trinity, Regatta, Riviera.
All spas use either (or a combination of) Signature 50 skim: SG50, Signature 25 skim: SG25, Bullfrog XMF50BF: SG50B, Bullfrog XMF25BF SG25B.
Cyclone Spa filters
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Zephyr, Tempest Sports, Twister Sports, Tempest, Storm, Whirlwind, Tornado Sports, Typhoon, Hurricane, Tornado.
All spas use either (or a combination of) Signature 50 skim: SG50, Signature 25 skim: SG25, Bullfrog XMF50BF: SG50B, Bullfrog XMF25BF: SG25B.
Rotaform Spa filters
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Rotaform Spa filters
Trueform Spa Filters
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Extreme, Family Deluxe, Hydromax, Malibu, Miami, Milan, Milan Deluxe, Pacific, Patio, Relaxer, Tasman, Wairakei. Plus all Kiwi Spas and Kent Hot Tubs and models.

Spa filter FAQ

When do I need to clean my cartridge filter?

Because a filter is designed to collect unwanted particles, debris, oils, soaps etc, it will need to be cleaned periodically. Basically the more you use your spa or pool, the more often you have to clean the cartridge filter. From very high usage (every 2-3 weeks) to low usage (every 2 months).

A blocked cartridge can put undue pressure on your pump and motor and decrease the life of these parts.

Please see maintenance section for further advice on cleaning.

How do I clean my cartridge filter?

Full instructions are in our spa pool filter maintenance section.

When do I need to replace my cartridge filter?

Spa pool filters do not have a defined termination point, but over a period of time your cartridge will gradually block up and will need replacing.

There are three factors in determining whether you cartridge needs replacing:

1. The cartridge gets blocked quickly, and you have to clean your cartridge more often.

2. Restricted water flow and high differential pressure (differential pressure is the difference between the pressure coming in and the pressure going out, caused by a blocked cartridge).

3. A cracked or damaged cartridge (this is very rare, and is caused by high differential pressure).

In a spa or pool with very high usage this can be within a year, but normally between 18 months and 2 years. As a rule of thumb we recommend that you change your filter at least every 12-18 months.

Why is the endcap cracked?

This is a sign that the cartridge filter is very old and dirty, it needs to be replaced.

The pleats also appear to be rounded and puffy, rather than sharp.

In the dimension chart, there are two cartridges with the same dimensions, which one do I need?

Some cartridges are the same size but the difference is the amount of filter material (number of pleats). Manufacturers of filter housings do this so they can use the same housing for different size pools or spas. If the filter housing does not stipulate the type of cartridge (e.g. 50sq ft or 75sq ft) It is better to over spec than under spec, (e.g. 75 instead of 50). If it has more square footage than it needs, it will normally last longer.

Why can´t I find my cartridge filter in your store?

There are many hundreds of different kinds of cartridge filters. If you can´t find one that is close to your dimensions, please contact us — info@spastore.co.nz

Spa filter maintenance

It is vital your filter cartridge is maintained correctly to maximize its life and usefulness.

The life of a filter cartridge depends on how you treat it.

Filter clogging is caused by soaps, chemicals, perspiration, body fats, oils and fine particles of dust or dirt.

Maximise the life of your filter

    There are specific things you can do to maximise the life of your filter:

    • Maintain the spa pool water chemistry in proper balance.
    • Clean the cartridge in accordance with its cleaning instructions using our approved filter cleaners.
    • Do not scrub the filter with a stiff brush. Instead use a filter wand.
    • Do not use a high pressure hose.
    • Rotate two cartridges to prolong the life of the filters considerably.

    Instructions for cleaning your filter cartridge

    All cartridge filters should be cleaned at least every 2 months. If you follow these cleaning procedures you will ensure the maximum life of the cartridge:

    • Remove the cartridge from the filter housing or skimmer box.
    • Wash the filter using a garden hose working from the top down. Do not use a high pressure hose or a brush.
    • Soak the cartridge for at least an hour (overnight is preferable) in an approved cartridge cleaning solution.
    • Rinse the cartridge once more with a hose to remove any remaining oils or cleaning solution.

    Eventually your cartridge filter will block and will need to be replaced - usually within 1 to 2 years - depending on the amount of use.