SpaNet® SmartFlo SC05 Spa Circulation Pump

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SPANET SMARTFLO SC05 Spa Circulation Pump

Spa Pool Circulation Pump used on Vortex spas post 2018

This pump comes with the SpaNet moulded AMP plug.

  • To suit all Vortex Spas manufactured from October 2018 *Please check with us if you are unsure*
  • May also suit some Banff, LifeStyle and Arcadia Spas manufactured from October 2018 *Please check with us if you are unsure*
  • Do not confuse with the previous SpaNet Spa pump model XS-3C.

SmartFlo Plumbing Notes:

This thread on a SMARTFLO pump is easy to tighten by hand due to the split lock nut design.

To replace an XS series SpaNet pump with a SmartFlo pump you simply slide the old coupling lock ring up out of the way (or cut it off) and use the SmartFlo split lock nut instead.

The SmartFlo pump will work with any coupling tailpiece (LX, Aquaflow, Waterways, Davey). Simply use the SmartFlo lock ring with the existing tailpiece. This avoids any need to modify the plumbing.

All SmartFlo pumps are provided with couplings (2 x split lock rings and 2 x tailpieces with o-rings) so if you to replumb, due to the old pump having different discharge locations;the fittings are already in the pump box. However, due to the split lock nut design re-plumbing will be minimal.


  • Model: SC05  KW: .35   HP:.5
  • Amps: 1.5  HZ: 50  RPM: 2850 Volts: 220-240

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(No reviews yet) Write a Review

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