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SpaNet SB25 Smart-Flo Boost Pump 2.5 HP

  • To suit all Vortex Spas manufactured from October 2018 *Please check with us if you are unsure.*
  • Used on Banff, LifeStyle and Arcadia Spas manufactured from November, 2018 *Please check with us if you are unsure.*
  • Do not confuse with the previous SpaNet Spa pump model XS-30

Smart-Flo Plumbing Notes:

This thread on a SMARTFLO pump is easy to tighten by hand due to the split lock nut design.

To replace an XS series SpaNet pump with a Smart-Flo pump,simply slide the old coupling lock ring up out of the way (or cut it off)and use the Smart-Flo split lock nut instead.

The Smart-Flo pump will work with any coupling tailpiece (LX, Aquaflow, Waterways, Davey). Simply use the Smart-Flo lock ring with the existing tailpiece. This avoids any need to modify the plumbing.

All Smart-Flo pumps are provided with couplings (2 x split lock rings and 2 x tailpieces with o-rings) so if you need to re-plumb, due to the old pump having different discharge locations, the fittings are already in the pump box. However, due to the split lock nut design re-plumbing will be minimal.


  • Model: SB25  KW: 1.85   HP: 2.5
  • Amps: 8.6  HZ: 50  RPM: 2850

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Selection Tips

  • Check your model
  • Check your part number
  • Check Spa type

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(No reviews yet) Write a Review