NZYME Whiteware Range - Set of 5 x 150ml bottles

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NZYME Whiteware Range - Set of 5 x 150ml bottles

NZYME makes Cleaning a breeze. Introducing the Whiteware range which will take care of all cleaning around the kitchen a breeze

Oven / Cooktop Cleaner: Non-toxic, fume free and pleasant smelling, this product makes cleaning ovens a breeze by comparison to chemical options available on the market. Spray on liberally and leave for 10 -15 minutes while still moist. Remove shelves and scrub with non-scouring pad. Rinse with warm water. Process may need to be repeated for ovens cleaned infrequently.

Whiteware Cleaner: A gentle but effective surface cleaner for all enamel surfaces. Spray onto microfibre cloth and polish surface

Stainless Steel Cleaner: Fast and effective on all Stainless surfaces. Removes all those greasy finger marks plus any excess fatty film on range hoods and hobs. Apply to microfibre cloth and polish surface until dry.

Fridge / Freezer Interior Cleaner: Gentle but effective on all plastics, chrome and glass surfaces used for interior parts on all appliances. Breaks down and removes build-up of grime from everyday use. Apply with microfibre and clean off with warm water.

Glass Cleaner: For that streak free finish on all glass including ceramic and induction hobs. Apply to microfibre and work into affected area.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review

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