NZYME Shoe Deodariser 150ml

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NZYME Shoe Deodorizers 150ml

Keep your shoes smelling fresh and clean with this effective deodorizing solution.

Foot odour comes in four main varieties: sweaty, cheesy, vinegary and cabbage-y. That's because of chemicals produced by the bacteria down there, Methanethiol is a key component in the flavour of cheddar cheese. Acetic acid is a result of sugar fermentation and is better known as vinegar. By-products associated with rot, such as propionic acid and butyric acid, can leave feet smelling like rancid cabbage. The most common foot-related chemical, isovaleric acid, is responsible for the smell we call "sweaty". Our noses are up to two thousand times more sensitive to this chemical than the others, and many of us can recognize it even at the slightest concentration. There are many products in the market today that control the smell to a degree by absorbing sweat or masking odour such as powders, charcoals or antiseptic sprays, but leave the byproducts still in the shoes to be cleaned out or exchanged at a later date.

NZYME have taken a more natural approach and are assisting the essential enzymes present to break down the odour at the source. Enzymes break down the oils, fats and sugars present in the odour production in footwear at a molecular level which in turn evaporated naturally. The plant-based enzymes used in our products are safe to use and fully biodegradable while providing an excellent prewash preparation for socks and stockings while leaving no residues to clean up later.

Directions for Use: Spray directly into or on shoe, let is work for 2-5 minutes. If still damp wipe with clean cloth.

Suitable for all kinds of shoes.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review

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