PoolQuip 50mm (2 Inch) 3 - Way Valve

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Product Overview

PoolQuip 50mm (2 Inch) 3 - Way Valve

  • Designed to use 50mm PVC pressure pipe and fittings. 
  • Also available in 40mm. Part No. SS-4030

Dimensions: Length: 19cm   Width: 15cm   Height: 17cm

Installation Instructions:  Align water flow with directions on valve body. Use PVC pressure pipe adhesive and coat valve port and pipe with adhesive. Avoid excessive adhesive inside port to prevent damage to valve internals.

Servicing: Frequently used valves operate freely, whilst valves left for long periods tend to stick. It is recommended to lubricate the valve seal from time to time with silicone lubricant. Avoid overtightening the locking ring.

Model: SS-5030

Manufacturer: Davey Spa Quip®

Sold individually

Selection Tips

  • Check the diameter.
  • Check you spa type.
  • Check your model number.
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(No reviews yet) Write a Review

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