Silv-it | Laundry Additive

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Silv-it | Laundry Additive

  • Eliminates stubborn laundry odours while washing.
  • Clears out the washing machine drum scrum.
  • Stops those musty smells when drying indoors.

Your regular laundry wash and detergent doesn't eliminate the bacteria that causes body odours in your clothing, nor does it remove the washing machine drum scrum or stop those musty smells when drying indoors!

Silv-it™ does the job!

It eradicates the bacteria, leaving your laundry fresher smelling and washing machine scrum free, guaranteed!

Just drop the Silv-it™ sachet in with your washing and regular detergent, its that simple and it lasts for 100 washes!

  • For just over 0.24 cents per wash, you can have confidence that your clothes will always be odour free and fresh smelling.
  • Silv-it™ comes with a "30 Day" money back guarantee.


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Sold individually


Manufacturer: Simplesilver

Sold individually

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(No reviews yet) Write a Review

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