Spa Store Spa Chlorine 500g - Replaces Lithium

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Spa Store Spa Chlorine 500g - Replaces Lithium

Economical replacement for Lithium Hypochlorite

  • Specifically designed for heated water
  • Effective protection against bacteria, viruses, algae & other harmful micro-organisms


Not Suitable for use with Nature2

Dosage Rates:

5g daily dosage per 1000L

Initial or shock treatment 35g per 1000L


To ensure that you do not overdose your spa, please follow the dosing rates on the container and not the sanitiser reading on your test strips which should only be used for water balance readings.


Model: 5002110

Manufacturer: Spa Store

Sold individually.

Download MSDS Sheet


Any advice or suggestions above, including but not limited to instructions and dosing rates are intended to be a guide only. Spa Store and its staff recommend you read the full instructions on all chemical containers. We will not accept responsibility for the use of these products.



(No reviews yet) Write a Review

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