203 x 125mm 3 Pleated Filter Kit For Vortex and O2 Spas

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203 x 125mm 3 Pleated Filter Kit For Vortex and O2 Spas

3 X 400 Pleated Filters

3 Spa Filter Kit for Vortex and O2 Spas
Contains: 3 X 400 pleated spa filters

Please do not confuse these with the Camlock Vortex filters. The Camlock filters are the newest filters from Vortex. They make changing filters easier and you will not have an issue with the threads on the filters. If you have threaded filters and want to change to Camlock filters, you will need to purchase the Camlock Adapters.

USA made filter media for superior filtration and long life

Fits all Vortex Spas post-Aug 2010 to 2016 O2 Spas. If your spa has three filters and the filter housing pictured here then these are the correct filters.

If your O2 or Vortex spa has two filters and a different filter housing click here.

These filter fits Vortex spas, O2 Spas and swims spas pre-Aug 2010 to 2016 : Azure, Aquagym, Aqualap, Cerium, Cobalt, Eon (Post Feb. 2013), Hydrozone, Iridium, Mercury, Nitro, Palladium, Spectrum and Xenon.

Does not fit Gemini or IKON.

May also suit some other spas.

Each spa has 1 x Purezone filter and 2 x pleated cartridge filters. 3 x cartridges can be used.

  • Come in blue, brown or grey ends

For the matching Purezone filter: Click here


For O2 / Vortex / Arcadia / Xenon / Cobalt / Cerium / Max / Spectrum / Nitro / Eon

Model: 400 pleated cartridge

Height: 203mm

Diameter: 125mm

Top: Closed

Bottom: Threaded

46mm OD MPT

Sold individually



(No reviews yet) Write a Review