SpaNet® SV Smart Link

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Product Overview

Product Description

SpaNet® SV Smart Link

  • This SV Smart LInk Module is for use with SpaNet SV controllers only.
  • WiFi module for the SpaNet® SV Series spa control that enables remote access control of a spa via the use of the Internet and the SpaNet® SpaLink smart device app. (Download user guide below for setup and app detail.)
  • Users can use the App on their smart device (phone, tablet) to remotely connect to and control their spa pool. This is ideal for holiday homes or commercial use.
  • Connected to an external 5dB antenna mounted on the SmartLINK enclosure using a SMA connector. Should the user wish to strengthen their WiFi reception a SMA extension cable could be used to enable the antenna to be mounted external to the spa cabinet, or a stronger powered antenna can easily be connected to the SMA connector directly.


Be advised that this module will only work on SV controllers that have the compatable software version.

Note: For the SpaNet® SpaLink app and WiFi module to work correctly, the SV controller must be loaded with the correct firmware (software) version. For the WiFi module and SpaLink smart device app to function correctly the software version must be V3 28 07 14. If the software scroll is any date earlier than V3 28 07 14 the software must be updated by a service technician prior to the WiFi module being installed. Please contact us for a list of technicians that can perform this upgrade for you.

All SV software versions are designated by a date code, and the SV software version can be easily checked via the SV diagnostic menu on the SV-T keypad. Prior to installing the SV SmartLINK or SmartSTREAM WiFi module the installer/user must check the SV controller software version to ensure it is up to date. If the firmware is an older version it will need to be updated prior to the WiFi module being installed. 

The software version will be scrolled across the display in the following format:

Version Day Month Year
For example:
V2 29 01 14

Selection Tips

  • Check your data label
  • Check you spa type
  • Check your model number

Still not sure this is the correct controller? Email us.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review

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