NZYME Wheelie Bin 5 Litre Concentrate

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Product Overview

NZYME Wheelie Bin 5 Litre Concentrate

Designed to keep your wheelie bins fresh and clean with minimal effort.

Wheelie Bins and Rubbish Chutes are highly toxic areas where bacteria thrive, causing foul odours that are difficult to mask. Once applied the Wheelie Bin Cleaner breaks down organic material that feeds the bacteria, destroying foul odours at the source. Its continual cleaning action provides protection even after rinsing. Has a unique spray and stick technology. Eliminates odour.

Direction for Use: Spray Wheelie Bin and affected areas with the Wheelie Bin cleaner, agitate with Brush, allow the product to work for 5 mins. Hose clean. Spray wheelie bin after cleaning.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review

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