NZYME Synthetic Turf Cleaner 1 Litre Ready To Use

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NZYME Synthetic Turf Cleaner 1 Litre Ready To Use

Synthetic Turf Cleaner is a pH neutral, 100% bio-degradable formula. It is non corrosive and non- fading on all synthetic surfaces and can be played on immediately. The difference in the touch is almost immediate. This is the breakdown of the bio film due to the enzymes working immediately. If this product is washed down a drain it will continue to break down the waste in the pipes without any risk of damage to the pipes as enzymes only break down organic matter. While the synthetic market is not familiar with a product like STC finally there is a product available to help protect surfaces as well as the people, pets and environment. The touch and feel of all surfaces is almost instant once STC is applied. There is no risk of discolouring, fading or damage to any surface. With the breakdown of proteins on the surface increasing the life of the pitch which can only be a positive to all.

Directions to Use - Just Spray and Go



(No reviews yet) Write a Review

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