NZYME Grease & Waste Digestor 5 Litre Concentrate

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Product Overview

NZYME Grease & Waste Digestor 5 Litre Concentrate

Designed to tackle grease, grime, and waste buildup effectively.

Concentrated enzyme formulation to breakdown excessive organic material that occurs in grease traps and plumbing. With the use of natural surfactants, we direct the enzymes to clean pipes and structures internally which helps to improve grease trap performance, maintain waste pipe efficiency and prevents blockages. For use in food manufacturers, restaurants, aged care, stadiums, schools, showers, public toilets, hotels, bars etc.

Directions for Use: For best results use at night or after hours. Grease trap should be pumped clear prior to initial treatment.

For Drain lines- Pour 120ml for slow drains and 240 ml for stopped drains directly into drain. Use daily until drain lines are clear.

For Grease traps- Pour 120ml per 380L daily into drain closest to trap or directly into holding tanks. Initial treatment use 240ml per 380L

For Urinals: Pour 120ml into problem drain twice per week for odour control.



(No reviews yet) Write a Review

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