Custom Made Thermal Blanket for Pools

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Custom Made Thermal Blanket for Pools

Thermal blanket covers float on the pool surface. The closed cell foam core creates an insulating layer which traps heat in the pool

• The heavy duty duokote is suitable for both commercial and residential pools
• The duokote's superior heat retention make it the preferred option for heated pools
• Duokote's durability make it the preferred option for schools and commercial applications

New Zealand Made

Model: CCVR-TB


Choose from 4 different colours.  Sky Blue, Royal Blue, Grey and Black



SIZE - upto 30sqm

Sold individually

Spa Cover FAQ's:

What is the life expectancy of a Spa Store spa cover?
Approximately 8 years subject to customer care.

Will a spa cover reduce my spas power use?
Spa pool hard covers have  a thermal resistance (R) value of 2.28 and virtually eliminate evaporation. This enables hard covers to save up to 70% of the pool heating energy requirements.

Are the Spa Store spa hardcovers safe?
Spa Store spa covers are designed to prevent a small child accessing the pool. This only works if the locking devices are used.

What sized spas can be covered with a spa hardcover?
Most spas are under 2400mm x 2400mm square and are simple to cover. Larger covers can be made but may need modifications. Click here or call us to discuss further.

Are there any spa shapes that can't be covered?
Spa Store hard spa covers can be custom fitted to almost all spas. Click here for custom spa covers.

Does a spa hardcover exempt us from the legal requirements to fence?
Your local council is required by law to enforce the fencing of swimming pools act. All councils currently have different interpretations of the act so you will need to contact them directly to determine requirements in your area.

Does compliance to N.Z. safety standard NZ8500:2006 exempt us from the legal requirements to fence?
This is the intention but it hasn't happened yet. The standard was introduced in December 2006 and needs to be adopted by individual councils.



(No reviews yet) Write a Review