Balboa GS 501 Retro Kit - 2KW

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Balboa GS Series Retro Kit. This Kit is ideal for replacing all models of  Balboa 501 2kw spa packs also ideal to replace Sig 10 and Sig 10L spa controllers used by Signature Spas.

Controller can be set up to run the following items

1: Circ- 1 Speed Pump- Blower -Ozone-Light

2: 2 Speed Pump-Blower-Ozone-Light

Kit Includes:

1. 1x System Balboa GS501Z 3.0kw 800INC

2. 1x Kit VL403 2P W/BEZEL
a. Panel Balboa E4 LT DIG 8COND VL403
b. Retrogit Bezel Panel VL401
c. O/L Panel Balboa E4 Lite DIG 2 Jet


(No reviews yet) Write a Review