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Spa Cover Construction

You will not find a more rugged built long lasting spa cover:

  • Spa and swim spa hard covers made by inserting two high strength polystyrene foam sheets which are supported across the centre with an aluminium channel into a vinyl outer
  • To prevent water from pooling on the spa cover surface, the foam has a 100 to 50mm taper.
  • The bottom of the cover is made of chlorine resistant plastic to eliminate bleaching
  • The handles are internally strengthened for extra strength
  • The adjustable tie downs are strengthened.
  • Spa access is limited by the locking mechanisms.
  • We use proven u.v. resistant vinyl.
  • We strengthen the central hinge to lengthen the cover life.

Spa Cover care

  • Make sure to remove the spa cover when shock dosing.
  • Remove the spa cover if dosing with algaecides.
  • Never drag a spa hard cover.
  • Try not to rest your spa cover on the ground.
  • Prolong the life of your spa hard cover by using a spa cover lifteror spa cover caddy.
  • Clean vinyl cover with hot water and mild detergent or vinyl protectant spray.

Spa cover FAQ´s

What is the life expectancy of a Spa Store spa cover?
Approximately 8 years subject to customer care.

Will a spa cover reduce my spas power use?
Spa pool hard covers have a thermal resistance (R) value of 2.28 and virtually eliminate evaporation. This enables hard covers to save up to 70% of the pool heating energy requirements.

Are the Spa Store spa hard covers safe?
Spa Store spa covers are designed to prevent a small child accessing the pool. This only works if the locking devices are used.

What sized spas can be covered with a spa hardcover?
Most spas are under 2400mm x 2400mm square and are simple to cover. Larger covers can be made but may need modifications. Click here or call us to discuss further.

Are there any spa shapes that can´t be covered?
Spa Store hard spa covers can be custom fitted to almost all spas. Click here for custom spa covers.

Does a spa hardcover exempt us from the legal requirements to fence?
Your local council is required by law to enforce the fencing of swimming pools act. All councils currently have different interpretations of the act so you will need to contact them directly to determine requirements in your area. Click here to find your local council requirements.

Does compliance to N.Z. safety standard NZ8500:2006 exempt us from the legal requirements to fence?
This is the intention but it hasn't happened yet. The standard was introduced in December 2006 and needs to be adopted by individual councils.

Spa Cover Safety

  • Each council is required to enforce the safety of swimming pools act 1987
  • NZ8500:2006 was introduced in December 2006 and has yet to be adopted by councils or integrated into the fencing of swimming pools act
  • to date each council has their own interpretations and requirements relating to the fencing of swimming pools act so spa owners need to contact their council directly to get local requirements.

Find information about local requirements here

NZ standard 8500: 2006:safety barriers around swimming pools, spas and hot tubs

  • Spa Store spa covers are designed to meet the requirements of n.z. standard 8500:2006.
  • Compliance to this standard is subject to the cover being installed and maintained as directed in 3.10 of the standard.
  • If you want to comply you must follow the installation and maintenance guidelines set out.

Excerpts from NZ standard 8500:2006

3.10 above-ground spas and hot tubs

above-ground spas and hot tubs shall meet all of the following

  • (a) the top of the spa pool or hot tub shall be positioned with the entire top surface not less than 760mm above the surrounding ground or deck;
  • (b) the cover shall be lockable and shall be kept locked when the spa pool or hot tub is not being used or supervised. a locking device shall contain a mechanical locking mechanism or a self-locking mechanism in addition to latching shut;
  • (c) the locks shall not be able to be readily opened or released by a child of up to the age of six years;
  • (d) when locked the cover shall be fitted so that if lifted it does not release the locking device or provide a clearance greater then 100 mm;
  • (e) the cover shall be made of a material that if walked on cannot collapse and can withstand the weight of at least 20kg to ensure that it will more than take the weight of a child up to six years of age;
  • (f) the cover shall be constructed of material that meets ASTM F1346-91 to allow easy movement on and off the spa pool or hot tub;
  • (g) the cover shall be constructed with a taper from the centre hinge to the outside edge of the cover so that water will not pond on top of it;
  • (h) the cover shall have an evenly spaced locking device as required in (b) which shall be positioned to ensure the cover cannot be lifted more than 100 mm by a child up to six years of age, and ensures that the cover is fixed securely to the spa pool or hot tub;
  • (i) the cover and locks shall be maintained at all times in a good state of repair;
  • (j) warning stickers/signs shall be placed on the cover to advise that it shall be locked in place when the spa pool or hot tub is not being used or supervised (see below)
  • (k) removable steps, movable furniture, or other objects that can assist a young child to climb onto the cover, shall be stowed/stored away at least 1200mm from the side of the spa pool or hot tub.

3.10.1 non compliant above-ground spa pools and hot tubs

  • failure to comply with 3.10 above will require a barrier/fence complying with the standard.