PowerSmart Generic Heat Pump 14.0kw SHP-140P

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Product Overview

PowerSmart Generic Heat Pump 14.0kw SHP-140P

The most energy efficient heater

Air sourced heat pumps are the most energy efficient and cost-effective method of heating your spa or pool water. When compared to gas or electric heaters, a heat pump uses a tiny portion of energy to generate the same amount of heat output. By using refrigeration technology a heat pump only requires a small amount of energy to run a fan motor and compressor, and can output over five times more energy in heat compared to what it consumes in electricity. This means a PowerSmart heat pump will use around 75% less energy than a standard electric spa heater and 55% less energy than natural gas. The massive saving in electricity allows you to cost effectively keep your spa, swim spa or plunge pool at temperature and ready to use all year round, or cost effectively extend the swimming season in your swimming pool.

Why pay your energy provider for a heat pump you’ll never receive?

Without a heat pump installed you will be paying your energy provider 75% more than you should to heat your spa or pool. Having a heat pump installed offers such a massive reduction in electricity cost, these savings will quickly recover your investment cost. Put simply, if you don’t have a heat pump installed your increased outgoing electricity costs will have paid for the cost of a heat pump that you will never receive.

Eco-friendly refrigerant

Unlike other refrigerants R410A does not cause ozone depletion and achieves higher performance with reduced power usage.

Benefits of low power consumption

Traditionally spas with low amperage power supplies have been restricted to a 3kW electric element and had insufficient power available for heating when a jet pump is running. However a Powersmart heat pump consumes such little power you have the added benefits of reduced heating times due to the larger 6.0/8.3/14.0kW heating output, and you can spa for longer because there is sufficient power available to run the heat pump whilst a jet pump is running.

Corrosion Resistant

100% rust-proof plastic enclosure with superior UV resistance and a modern design style ensures the heat pump is aesthetically pleasing for your backyard and remains that way over time. By producing the heat exchanger coil from Titanium and exchange tank from PVC we maximise corrosion resistance to commonly used spa and pool chemicals such as lithium, bromine, ozone, iodine, salt , chlorine and baquacil.

Smart Control with Timers

The plastic cabinet has been sensibly engineered to locate the IPX5 grade smart control touch pad in a convenient position, angled on the lid of the heat pump. This ensures the process of checking the temperature and adjusting settings is comfortable and easy to read without needing to crouch or bend down to the side of the unit. The smart control micro-processor manages heat only, cool only, or automatic temperature modes, onboard diagnostic information, self-diagnosis error codes and features two sleep timers so the user can program sleep periods to take advantage of off-peak power periods or to prevent operation during certain times of day.

All Seasons operation & EEV

The Powersmart heat pump range has automatic defrost protection allowing operation throughout all seasons even in low ambient temperatures (<5oC). If the environmental temperature is too low and the air is very humid and cold, automatic defrost control will be activated when necessary to maintain optimal heat pump performance. The Powersmart heat pumps also feature an electronic expansion valve (EEV) to control the refrigerant flow
accurately according to ambient temperature variation, making the energy efficiency 10%-30% higher.

Ideal for heating Spas, swim spas, plunge pools and swimming pools


Power supply : 220-240V~/1PH/50Hz
HEATING TEST CONDITIONS  : Ambient Temperature=24ºC, Water Temperature=27ºC
Heating capacity : 14.0kW
Heating input : 2.6kW
COP : 5.5
Running current heating : 12.8A
COOLING TEST CONDITIONS : Ambient Temperature=32ºC, Water Temperature=27ºC
Cooling capacity : 9.7kW
EER : 3.6

Recommended Pool Volume : 5000L +
Minimum water flow : 8.0 m³/hr
Water temp range : 10ºC to 41ºC
Outlet connectors : 40mm PVC

Sound level : 52dB(A)
Operating temp range : 0ºC to 40ºC
Refrigerant : R410A
Protection Class : 1
Waterproof Class : IPx5
Fan Speed : 950RPM
Heat Exchange : Titanium + PVC

Do not confuse with Universal SpaNet XS series which can be used with any spa.

Manufacturer: SpaNet

Model: SHP-140P

Dimensions: 1120mm x 480mm x 840mm high, 90kg

Sold individually: 

See Installation & Instruction Manual 

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