SpaNet® SV Smart Stream System

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Product Overview

SpaNet® SV Smart Stream WiFi Spa Controller

The SV SmartSTREAM controller is an all in one, purpose built, high definition sound system for
your spa with Bluetooth® connectivity that also includes a WiFi module for remote access
control of your SV Series spa control.

The SmartSTREAM controller has been designed from the ground up specifically for spa pool applications and built to withstand the high ambient temperatures and the humid/wet environment the unit may be exposed to.

SmartSTREAM for Audio and Video:

The SmartSTREAM controller contains an advanced high efficiency MOSFET four channel 50W
amplifier module. This is used to drive four (4) x full range speakers or transducer speakers. (Speakers are not included)

In addition the unit also contains a mono 150W channel amplifier used to drive a subwoofer (if fitted). (Sub woofer not included)

The Bluetooth module receives audiostream direct from your smart device (phone/tablet) and three (3) x auxiliary audio input
sources are provided to enable audio connection to a TV/DVD/iPod Dock/MP3 player (Not included).

At the heart of the SmartSTREAM is a powerful audio processor responsible for audio source
switching and allowing complete control over volume, fader, balance, treble, midrange, bass,
subwoofer levels and sub frequency adjustments.

SmartStream For Remote Spa Control:

The SmartSTREAM controller can operate as a standalone stereo system for your spa or be
connected via a data cable to a SpaNET SV Series spa control. When connected to a SpaNET SV
Series spa control the SmartSTREAM’s WiFi module allows remote control of the SV Series spa
control via the Internet. Users can use an App on their smart device (phone, tablet) to remotely
connect to and control their spa pool. This is ideal for holiday homes or commercial use.

The WiFi module is connected to an external 5dB antenna mounted on the SmartSTREAM enclosure
using a SMA connector. Should the user wish to strengthen their WiFi reception a SMA
extension cable could be used to enable the antenna to be mounted external to the spa cabinet,
or a stronger powered antenna can easily be connected to the SMA connector directly. 

To be fitted by a qualified electrician, pool or spa technician only. Spa Store will not be liable for incorrect installation, damage or injury caused by an un qualified person installing this part.

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(No reviews yet) Write a Review