How to clear cloudy spa water

26th Aug 2021

Why does my spa get cloudy?
This is a great question, and one of the most common questions in the spa industry.
The reality is there are a number of reasons and solutions:
1. Is your spa filtering enough?
In other words: is you spa pump running long enough to circulate the required amount of water though the filters?

Check your owner’s manual or with your spa supplier for correct filtering times for your size of spa.
2. Are your filters clean?
Your spa filters are hidden away and easily forgotten and they are the number one tool in keeping your water crystal clear.
Spa filters need to be rinsed off every week. This can be done with a hose but we recommend a spa filter wand as the most efficient way of cleaning spa filters without damaging the filter material.
Every second week you will need to soak your filter in an approved spa filter cleaner to draw out body fats and other organic matter that is not removed by simple rinsing.

Many people rotate 2 sets of Spa filters so that they can soak one set while the other is in use. Follow instructions on your filter cartridge cleaner label.
Do not use products like nappy cleaners as many of them conat bleach and shortens the life of your filters.
Important: Purezone filters cannot be cleaned and must be changed at least every three months depending on bather load.

3. Is your spa water pH and Alkalinity in the ok range?

Your spa and Alkalinity should be within this range (on your test strips) pH 7.2- 7.8

Alkalinity 80-120. If not, adjust up or down using an approved PH decreaser or Alkalinity increaser for spas until it is correct. Make sure to follow the instructions and give the spa chemicals time to work before testing again.

4. Are you shocking your water once a week?

Your spa water needs to be shocked once a week or after heavy use.

Spa shock oxidises the organic matter that makes the water cloudy.

Important: Make sure if you are using a chlorine free sanitising system you will need to shock the water with a Chlorine free shock. Follow the directions on the label.

5. Are you using you chemicals to specifications?

Check with the manufacture of the chemicals you are using and find out if you are using your chemicals correctly. Make sure you are dosing your spa water with the correct amount of Spa Sanitiser. Under dosing your Sanitiser can cause cloudiness.

6. If you are using bore or rain water or have done all of the above but your water is still slightly cloudy

Use water clarifier or flock. Read the instructions on the label for dose rates. In essence water clarifiers work by grabbing microscopic particles of organic matter and combining them into larger particles where they can more easily be caught in the filter media.

Important: If you use Purezone filter, follow the dosing instructions so that you do not prematurely plug your filter. Spa chemicals take time to work. Be patient.

If you have any questions contact our helpful staff or call the chemical help line at the bottom of each product.

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