AQ Saltwater Chlorine Generator for Swim Spas

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AQ Saltwater Chlorine Generator for Swim Spas

Enjoy soothing saltwater in your spa and reduce the use of costly chemicals!*

AQ Saltwater Chlorine Generator for Swim Spas

  • The AQ saltwater chlorine generator uses electrolysis in the presence of dissolved salt (NaCl) to produce Chlorine (hypochlorous acid (HClO)) and sodium hypochlorite (NaClO), which are the sanitizing agents commonly used in most spas, swim spas, and swimming pools.

Enjoy the benefits of the AQ in your swim spa

  • Set and Forget - Automatic daily dosing

Once the AQ is installed, it works without the need for you to interact with the unit at all. This makes it great for holiday homes as you can leave the spa for months and come back to find your water is crystal clear!

  • Produces natural Chlorine

The AQ produces natural chlorine which differs from that purchased in bottles that normally contain buffers and stabilisers which affect water quality and can cause skin and eye irritation.

  • Save money on chemicals*

No need to buy bottled chlorine as the AQ creates natural chlorine automatically.

  • Peace of Mind

You will have peace of mind that the family is bathing in the cleanest possible spa water.

  • Soothing Salt Water

Saltwater has been used for 1000's of years because of its soothing quality and its natural effect in making skin feel softer and cleaner. Saltwater itself feels softer and gives a luxurious feel when you're soaking in it.

  • Gentle on Body and Clothing

Saltwater spas are gentler on your body and your clothing than chlorinated spas. Most people complain of irritated eyes when using bottled chlorine, which is not the case with the AQ.

  • No harmful Chlorine storage

No need to keep bottled chlorine at home which is dangerous if consumed and is a fire hazard.

  • No harsh Chlorine Smell

The Natural chlorine produced by AQ has no smell or taste.

  • The AQ System requires less salt than other systems

Traditional saltwater systems require 4000 ppm of salt to create chlorine, at this level you can damage your spa, The AQ requires less than 2000 ppm of salt which is less salt than in your tears. You won't even realize you have salt in your spa!

  • Chlorine Detection

The AQ is the only salt chlorinator that will test for chlorine every day and if chlorine is present in the water then the day's cycle will be skipped, this will ensure that your spa will never be over chlorinated, even if you haven't used your spa in a month.


What's in the box

  • AQ Saltwater Chlorine Generator
  • 12v Power supply
  • Digital pH and Salt testing unit

Warning: Recommended only for Swim Spas

  • Please make sure to follow the directions supplied with the unit carefully and ensure your saltwater level is under 2000ppm.
  • Check with your spa manufacturer to determine if your spa can operate with a salt water chlorine system.
  • Spa Store will not be liable for any damage to components due to incorrect use of the AQ unit.
  • Normal water maintenance and balancing will still be required.

To be fitted by a qualified electrician, pool, or spa technician only. Spa Store will not be liable for incorrect installation, damage, or injury caused by an unqualified person installing this part.


AQ Saltwater Chlorine Generator FAQ

How long does it usually take to install?
Installation of the AQ Saltwater Chlorine Generator usually takes about 1-2 hours.

Will I only need a spa technician or an electrician as well?
The AQ draws its power from the SpaNet controller (if present). As long as you have a spare power outlet available on your SpaNet controller, you will only need a spa technician. If you have both a heat pump and stereo installed drawing power from your controller, then you will need an electrician to install a protected electrical power outlet near your spa.

How long will my spa be down for when installing?
Once the unit is installed, you will need to add salt to your water in the range of 1,500 - 2,000ppm. It may take a few hours for the salt to dissolve and be detected by the AQ unit. The salt will dissolve more quickly in warmer water than in colder water. Allow for 1-2 days after installation of the unit and adding salt for the system to start sanitising your water.

Can I use the AQ on a regular spa / portable spa?
No, the AQ system is recommended only for swim spas with a water capacity of over 5000L.

Will I still need to balance my water?
Yes, you will still need to balance and maintain your water periodically.

Will water balancing products work with the AQ system?
Yes, all other water balancing products will work as usual.

How do I test to ensure I have the salt level correct?
The AQ system comes with a digital salt tester which you can use to test the salt levels and adjust as needed.

Do I need to empty my water to change to the AQ system?
If you are changing from a standard Chlorine sanitiser, there is no need to empty your water. If you are changing from Hydrogen Peroxide or another type of sanitiser, then yes, you will need to empty your spa and start with fresh water.

Where do I get salt from?
You can purchase regular pool salt from Bunnings or most pool supply stores. Follow the instructions in the product manual for the initial setup.

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