Magic Ball - Pearl Floating Lights (Bundle of 2)

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Magic Ball - Pearl Floating Lights (Bundle of 2)

Pearl Floating Lights are portable, watertight, unbreakable, rechargeable, modular, multi-purpose and remote-controllable. These lights move where you want it. Indoors, outdoors and even on the water. 

Its Lithium-polymer technology means the battery has a long life, and allows you to recharge your lamp whenever you want. 

The sky's the limit when it comes to creating an ambiance, thanks to the easy availability of all the colours of the rainbow or just white. 

- 100% Water Proof

- Up to 10 Hour Charge

- Can be used in both indoor and outdoor

- Eco Friendly

Material(s): Polythene

Dimensions: 250mm

Bulb: 0.5W rechargeable LED



(No reviews yet) Write a Review